About Us

The Mid County Chamber of Commerce proudly serves the communities of Maplewood and Richmond Heights.  We’re centrally located and easily accessible from Highway 44, Highway 40 and Interstate 170.

From arts to parks, to bowling and brew, our cities pack quite a punch into one square mile. Maplewood and Richmond Heights are home to nationally renowned restaurants and specialty shops, two historic bowling alleys, and the region’s top breweries! We also have businesses that cater to the everyday needs of residents, making us one of the few walkable communities in the area.

Despite the hustle and bustle of each business day and exciting nightlife, visitors are often surprised to find such a close-knit community. Our business owners know each other, their customers, and residents. The Chamber serves as a home base for businesses to turn to for assistance, support, education, and an extra helping hand. Membership is open to any business or organization motivated by community improvement and their own growth, prosperity, and success.



The Mid County Chamber of Commerce is governed by volunteer Board of Directors who set its policies.  The Board is made up of a cross-sectional group of twelve Chamber members who reflect the diversity of our membership. Other key business leaders serve as ex-officio Board Members including the City Managers of both Maplewood and Richmond Heights, and the Superintendent of Maplewood Richmond Heights School District. The day to day operations of the Chamber are carried out by the Executive Director, who along with the professional support staff, are employed by the Chamber to handle its daily operations.


The Chamber is a recognized 501(c)(6) tax-exempt nonprofit. The Chamber is financed through annual membership fees, sponsorships, and two annual fundraisers. While the services, programs and advocacy provided by the Chamber is beneficial to every business in Maplewood and Richmond Heights, they’re only possible due to the generosity and stewardship of Chamber Members.