Owner: Dr. Sue Hong

Location and website:  1215 Big Bend Blvd., just north of I-64  www.aostl.com

Describe your business:  Arch Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our experienced and caring staff will make you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.  We offer customized orthodontic services to cover your specific needs. Our office is designed to be kid friendly, offering ideal comfort and care, as well as tailored to make adults feel right at home. You can count on our skilled doctor and our team to be trained in the latest techniques and technology.  We also take most insurance plans and offer flexible payment options.

What is the most exciting thing to happen for your business or in your industry?
We now offer accelerated orthodontic treatment using FDA approved devices, such as AcceleDent and Propel VPRO5.  These devices are clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster.

Additionally, technology has almost completely eliminated the need for traditional impressions, which were uncomfortable, unpleasant tasting and sometimes unreliable.  Our practice is proud to use the iTero Element intraoral scanner to capture images of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue—creating a digital model.  The completed scan can then be used in a variety of ways such as diagnostic models, appliance prescriptions, and Invisalign submissions.

What is your favorite Maplewood or Richmond Heights business?
Arch Orthodontics, of course!
All kidding aside, we love Fozzie’s–Yum!