CTW Vendor Info- Private


Christmas Tree Walk ProgramPlease check your listing in the Christmas Tree Walk for accuracy- check phone number, address, website, etc. If you have any changes, email them to Jeannine Beck.  The program goes to print this Wednesday, November 27th! Please note, we are limited on space for the program so we may have shortened your description slightly.
Click the button at the top of this email to review. 

Materials- By now, you should have received your promotional postcards, poster, and wooden Christmas Tree. If you have not received these materials, call the chamber office at 314-781-8588.

Sidewalk Sale-Registered vendors of the Christmas Tree Walk are permitted to have a sidewalk sale on the evening of the walk- however, any tables and/or products must NOT block the sidewalk in anyway.

Weather- In 17 years, we have never cancelled the Christmas Tree Walk! Thanks to our amazing public works department, we’ve held successful events with bitter cold, rain, snow, and sleet. That said, we’ve heard there is the potential for snow in the forecast and will monitor conditions as it gets closer to December 6th.


The following businesses have “opted in” to the Maplewood Best Decorated Holiday Window Contest:

Artists First STL
CBD Canvas Boutique Dispensary
Encore Baking
Escape From St. Louis
Kakao Chocolate
Larder and Cupboard
Leopard Boutique
Mystic Valley
Paramount Jewelers
Scheidt Hardware
Schnucks- Maplewood
Sole Survivor Leather
The Book House
Vom Fass

Our panel of judges will view windows between December 2-4 and the winners will be announced at the Christmas Tree Walk on December 6th.

There will be a first, second, and third place winner. The winners will receive a certificate to display in their window.