In 2008 food truck operators began asking to be issued business licenses to operate in Maplewood, prompting the introduction of a Food Truck Ordinance to the City Council. The Mid County Chamber of Commerce took a very strong and public position opposing food trucks inside of Maplewood. Ultimately, the Council approved their operation on a very restricted basis that minimized the threat to our local restaurants. View the current ordinance HERE.

Recent History  

In July of 2021, the Chamber was approached by the Mayor of Maplewood expressing a desire to make the Food Truck ordinance less restrictive. A meeting was held between the City and the Chamber which included representatives from local restaurants. While the meeting attendees agreed that there was room to expand the current ordinance, they also communicated what would be most detrimental in lifting/loosening restrictions and gave suggestions on how to best protect the business community.

In November of 2021, the Chamber received a draft of a revised ordinance from the City which provided little to no protection for local restaurants. In early December, the Chamber met with the City again to cite their grave concerns with the draft. Following that meeting, feedback was solicited about the drafted ordinance from other local restaurants who were equally concerned. As a result, The Chamber issued a letter to the City of Maplewood opposing the draft in writing. Some commercial property owners did the same. Three months later, the same revised ordinance was presented to the City of Maplewood Special Business District (SBD), and once again, the Chamber, along with local restaurant owners and commercial property owners verbally shared their opposition to the draft.


Following the SBD Meeting, a group formed to take a proactive approach and ensure the interests of local restaurants were at the heart of a new ordinance. Together, they drafted an alternative Food Truck Ordinance that provides flexibility for the community members to host a food truck, while still offering protection and fairness for local businesses.

Essentially, the ordinance approached food trucks with a sensible tiered permit system, geared to fit any given situation, while limiting the number of food trucks per year. It also specifies and outlines fees related to licensing and violations.

Legal Procedure

For any ordinance to be passed in the City of Maplewood, it must be voted into law by the Maplewood City Council. As such, the ordinance must be sponsored by a member of the Council or the Mayor.

Community support sends a message to the City Council and the Mayor that the City’s draft, although it’s not a finalized version, falls far too short of protecting our businesses.

How You Can Help

You can review our alternative ordinance HERE and compare it to the City’s draft HERE. Please consider signing your name to show your support and favor to our draft by clicking here.

If you have any questions, feedback, or comments, please reach out to a member of the committee:
Jeannine Beck, Mid County Chamber 314.781.8588 or
Eliza Coriell, The Crow’s Nest 314.494.4242 or
Chris Kelling, Elmwood & Pizza Champ 925.890.9987 or
Chris & Karmen Rayburn, The Blue Duck 314.853.5842 or