Instructions for Using Mobile Bidding at Superheroes and Villains

All transactions at tonight’s event will be performed using Give Smart (GS) (formerly known as Gesture). This includes auction bidding, raffles, grab bags, liquor pull, etc. A credit card is required to utilize the GS platform, though it won’t be charged unless you authorize payment at the end of the evening OR if you skip check out and have unsettled transactions. To get started:

Step 1:  Navigate to

Step 2: Click the “Sign In or Register” button at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: After registering, you will receive a text with your personal bidding link. Do not share this link.

Step 4: Simply tap the blue link in your welcome text message to proceed to the auction website where you can browse, buy, and bid on items. If you wish to bid on an item, you will find a pre-filled bid based on the amount of the last bid and the item’s price increment. Select BID to place a bid at this amount, or enter a custom amount (higher than the prefilled bid).Whenever you are outbid, you will receive a text message notification. A banner will  appear across each item you bid on, to indicate whether you are winning or losing.



  • Are you Team Hero or Team Villain tonight? Pick up either a “Hero” or “Villain” game card at check-in.
  • Rack up points by completing tasks on the game card. Be on the lookout for “SuperPower” tokens, worth extra points, hidden in select mystery bags and boxes, liquor pulls, prize punches, etc.
  • Place completed game card in the identified basket by 7:30 p.m. If you earned tokens, place them in envelopes available at the check-in table. The three top scoring Heroes and Villains (6 total) will go on to the final battles that will test their mind, body, and spirit, until just one is left standing. The winner will receive bragging rights and an Amazon Echo Show.

I may not like villains and you may not like heroes but NOBODY likes a CHEATER! Please do not share or give away tokens or points.