JZ Vacation Rentals

Contact Information
7185 Manchester Rd
Maplewood, MO 63143

Leadership Team (Left to Right)

Alex Zemianek, OwnerKim Conway, Director of Housekeeping/Design, Rick Kronk, Director of Maintenance,

In a nutshell, describe your business?

JZ Vacation Rentals is a growing property management company. We specialize in short-term properties and pride ourselves on going above and beyond every chance we get for our homeowners and guests alike. 

What is the most exciting thing happening within your business or industry?

The vacation rental industry is continuing to grow and bring revenue to cities across the nation. For us, the biggest thing happening in our world is being able to partner with companies across the nation to bring more access to beautiful vacation rental homes.   

What do you want new or potential clients to know about doing business with you?

Whether you are looking for a management company or just looking for your next vacation, we can help point you in the right direction..

Anything else?

We are launching a new division with our JZ Coworking Spaces opening in Maplewood. Check out our video for more information. View Now