Spotlight on Labor Finders

Mar 18, 2021 | Member Spotlight

Labor Finders is the largest privately held construction staffing company in the United States. As a branch Manager I pride myself on my team’s ability to forge relationships with our clients that are effective and profitable within the communities we serve. Our team composted of collaborative, dedicated and ‘Big Hearted’ professionals who work day in and day out to solve problems and change lives.

At Labor Finders take on all of the recruiting and screening tasks for businesses so that they can focus on growth rather than staffing challenges. We assess each candidate and schedule interviews for only the ones that are likely to succeed. In addition to this, many companies utilize our ‘temp-to-perm’ format, during which time Labor Finders covers the worker’s compensation, state and federal payroll obligations, as well as payrolling for a brief probationary period – this affords the hiring manager a real-time look at a prospective employee’s performance and job fit without making a commitment to hire, often resulting in greatly reduced turnover for our customers and improved morale.

We are all about solving staffing issues – especially as they relate to helping small business owners save time and focus on what matters most. Some businesses do their own recruiting and hiring but utilize our team to partner with their existing HR department to take care of the initial application, drug test, background and screening process for their new hires – this service is offered at a low, affordable rate per employee and seems to be a big hit with small to medium sized business owners.

Recently we partnered with an agency that recruits for C-Suite and accounting / financial positions…we are very excited as this partnership will allow us to provide increased solutions and better value for our customers in 2021 and beyond.

Giving back to our communities is a big part of what we do. We are excited to be working with in presenting our first, bi-annual blood drive for Security Equipment Corporation in St. Louis on May 27th – It’s a private blood drive that we plan to grow each year and would be happy to share if you would like to get involved.

Chamber Talk

We thrive on community involvement – having a ‘Big Heart’ and a sense of civic duty is a pre-requisite for employment at Labor Finders…the chamber has been invaluable at helping us connect with entrepreneurs in our community, and also provides a realistic perspective with regards to the pains and frustrations these business owners are feeling – I believe that this helps us to focus on the right issues and the problems we need to be solving in order to offer value. So a fair statement would be: Involvement in the chamber helps us to differentiate our service in an increasingly competitive industry.

I really love all of the Chamber businesses and have enjoyed getting to know the people and the stories behind each one!