Maple Food is a community led program encouraging Maplewood residents to support local restaurants during these challenging times.

It’s simple! A Maple Food Ambassador coordinates with local participating restaurants and cafes to have food delivered to neighbors on a designated day. Delivery is free!

How Does it Work?

Step 1– Neighbors interested in partcipating should designate a Maple Food Ambassador to serve as a coordinator. Click here for ambassador information.

Step 2– Maple Food Ambassador (with the help of neighbors) a participating restaurant to order from on a mutally agreeable date and time.

Step 3– Maple Food Ambassador will communicate via email with their designated restaurant/café and disseminate the ordering information to their neighbors.

Step 4– Neighbors place orders online directly with identified restaurant/cafe.

Step 5–  Restaurant/cafe will deliver directly to each home during the specified time frame. Delivery is free but tips are encouraged and appreciated.

Getting It Started For My Block

Once a Maple Food Ambassador has been identified, they can use our toolbox to begin planning events! Use the button below to be taken to the toolbox.