Business: Dogtopia
Owner:  Nicholas Losciuto
Phone: 314-230-8181

We are the premier destination for dog daycare and boarding, focusing on socializing dogs by providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your furry companions to thrive. Our state-of-the-art, open play facility is designed to ensure that your four-legged family members receive the best care possible while having a blast with their canine friends. At Dogtopia, we recognize that your dog is an integral part of your family, and we are committed to meeting their unique needs. 

Summation of Business
We provide the following services: safe socialization, exercise and wellness, and education and training–all of these are tailored to promote your dog’s well-being. Your dog’s safety and well-being are our top priorities. We undergo rigorous training and certification. You can have peace of mind leaving your dog to our experienced and passionate professionals. 

Describe any upcoming events, promotions, or anniversaries for your business.
New dogs are eligible for our promotion to receive an entire week of daycare for free. 

What is the most exciting thing to recently happen to your business or in your industry?
We are just celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

What do you want your new clients to know? Socializing your dog from a young age is crucial for their overall development and well being. Exposing them to a variety of people, animals and environments can help them grow into a well-adjusted, confident and friendly adult dog. 

What does your Chamber membership mean for you and your business?
As a member, we have the opportunity to connect with other local businesses and contribute to the growth and vitality of our community. It allows us to newtork with like-minded professionals, share ideas and collaborate on initiatives that benefit both our business and the wider community. This recognition can help build trust with potential clients looking for a reputable and reliable dog daycare and boarding facility. As a member, we also have the opportunity to give back to our community. We can participate in local events, fundraisers and charity initiatives, showcasing our committment to being a responsible and engaged corporate citizen. This not only helps us build stronger relationships within our community but also allows us to make a positive impact on the lives of both poeple and pets. 

What is your favorite Maplewood or Richmond Heights Chamber business?
We just had our first lunch at Parker’s Table and loved it!