Kids In The Middle
We provides counseling, support, and education to children and families who experience divorce, separation or remarriage.

Erin Eberhard, CEO and Stephanie Moreland, CDO

2650 South Hanley Road Suite 150 – Maplewood

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Describe any upcoming events, promotions, or anniversaries for your business

Every year, we have a 24-hour giving campaign in the Spring. This helps support our services and provide families with mental health support. We don’t turn anyone away regardless of their ability to pay. Be on the lookout for in a few months.

What is the most exciting thing to happen recently for your business or in your industry?

KITM has expanded our services to area school districts, bringing vital mental health services to children in the community.

What do you want your new clients to know?

Kids In The Middle is a safe space for all families. Divorce and separation affect many people, and we’re here to help. We’re located in Maplewood, but thrilled to be in 9, soon to be 11, area school districts providing our evidence-based model to the community.

Anything else?

50% of US children will see their parents get divorced or separate, and that’s why we’re here for the community. Our amazing therapists work with children to understand this new life transition their facing, building them to be more resilient and happier kids.

What does chamber membership mean for you and your business?

Letting people know we’re and connecting with local businesses is helpful in getting the word out about our services. Everyone knows someone who has gone through a divorce.

What is your favorite Maplewood or Richmond Heights Chamber business?
We love eating at the Blue Duck!