On behalf of the Mid County Chamber of Commerce- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Last year (aka two days ago) felt like a never ending, brutally unforgiving game of whack-a- mole. We were the naive, smiling moles who kept popping up with confidence and optimism each time we had finally adjusted to new set of unreal, mind boggling circumstances and COVID-19 was the sledgehammer that delighted in crashing itself down on our hope with each twist, turn, restriction, and rule!

The hope and sense of renewal that comes with a new year is especially significant in 2021. While we’re a long way off from “normal”, the vaccine gives us hope that the darkest days are behind us. In 2021, the Chamber is planning all of our same annual events- Taste of Maplewood, Christmas Tree Walk, etc. We will, of course, follow all St. Louis County guidelines and will make adjustments as needed- but we promise to do everything and anything to aid businesses as they reopen, regroup, and recover.

Finally, I’d add that 2020 will go down as a year that I am most proud of both personally and professionally. As any Board Member will tell you, I am notoriously adverse to change and risk, thrive on order and well tested, established processes, have high expectations of myself (and others) and my biggest fear is failure. While I’ll never wish for the chaos of last year again, I am grateful for the lessons it taught, and how it made me really think about what the role and purpose of the Chamber is- none of which can be measured on paper if we’re doing it right.

Happy New Year to each of you- I’m excited for whatever 2021 brings and THANK YOU for letting the Chamber and me be part of it.