One helluva Chef at The Blue Duck

May 10, 2021 | Chamber News

In the words of Chef Trent Garvey of The Blue Duck, “This summer is gonna be fire???!”

For the first time ever, 18 aspiring chefs from across the country and all aged 23 years old or younger at the start of the competition will compete in Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen

and our own young gun, Chef Garvey brings the heat. Each week, the competition will get more intense, as these chefs are put through rigorous culinary challenges – reaping high stakes rewards and punishments. But only those who possess the right combination of ingredients will continue in the competition, until one is named winner.

Chef Garvey took a leave of absence back in 2019 to film the competition and due to COVID-19 delays has had to keep this under wraps for over a year. While we don’t know the official results we do know our love for the food at The Blue Duck and feel he has the skills to be the last competitor standing next to Chef Ramsey.

Hell’s Kitchen “Young Guns” season 20 premieres on May 31st on FOX and new episodes will release Mondays at 8:00 PM ET.