PLAID IS THE NEW BLACK- Plaid Friday- November 24

Mid County Chamber President, Brian Pelletier, of Kakao Chocolate recently explained to us what “Plaid Friday” is.

November 23rd, the Friday after Thanksgiving, means Black Friday to most, but GoLocalSTL – with several Maplewood businesses as members — and other independent business alliances across the country are urging shoppers to take back the Friday after Thanksgiving and celebrate “Plaid Friday” instead. Skip the long lines and frantic crowds, and enjoy a different kind of shopping experience – a day that is enjoyable and leisurely, that builds real relationships and supports your local economy.

Why the plaid in Plaid Friday? Shoppers can wear plaid on November 24th to make their support for locally- owned businesses and community visible – reinforcing their own commitment, while giving others a reminder to think local first. There are so many people who value buying locally, but they get swept up in the holiday sales frenzy and forget their commitment. Plaid Friday can be an anchor, reminding citizens about the importance of shopping at independent businesses and grounding them to their own commitment to buy local.

Why plaid? Plaid is a fabric with unique colors woven together into a larger pattern, represents the many diverse independent businesses that together form the tapestry of a strong local economy.