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A ribbon cutting marks a very significant moment in the business’ history, and is a great photo opportunity. The ceremony gives the business owner or manager a chance to say a few words to those gathered. Business owners have used this time to publicly thank their financial backers, their employees, their friends and family, and/or their business partners. They also take the opportunity to talk about what their business does.

What is a Chamber ribbon cutting?

A ribbon cutting is the ceremonial opening of a brand-new or newly-renovated/relocated business that has opened within the last year. It can inaugurate an organization’s first day of business or it can take place up to a year after opening.

Who qualifies for a ribbon cutting?

Generally speaking, the Mid County Chamber of Commerce performs ribbon cutting ceremonies for businesses who are located in either the City of Maplewood or the City of Richmond Heights AND meet one of the following criteria:

  • Opened its doors within the last year
  • Moved to a new location due to expansion
  • Has undergone significant renovations/expansion at its current location
  • Groundbreaking
  • On a rare and case-by-case basis, the Mid County Chamber of Commerce will make an exception for a Chamber Member requesting a ribbon cutting for reasons outside of these parameters. Contact the Executive Director to inquire.

Is the ribbon cutting my business’ event or a Chamber event?

THIS IS YOUR EVENT. The Chamber will gladly support you with the following:

  • Bring the “BIG Scissors” and Ribbon
  • Arranging for the Chamber President and City Mayor to be in attendance.
  • Notify the Chamber’s Board of Directors, Ambassadors Committee, and  membership of your ribbon cutting, and encouraging their attendance
  • List your ribbon cutting on the Chamber’s event calendar

What are the benefits of holding a Chamber ribbon cutting?

  • Introduce both the public and Chamber members to your business/staff
  • Familiarize the public and Chamber members with your product/services & physical location
  • Begin a customer base
  • Generate leads and sales from attendees
  • Meet your neighbors and other business leaders in the community.

Is there a cost to have the Chamber participate?

There is no cost to host a Chamber ribbon cutting events.

When will my ribbon cutting take place?

Generally speaking, the Mid County Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cutting ceremonies at 4:00 p.m. on the first Thursday and third Tuesday monthly. For Chamber Members, we can be flexible as needed. While we do our best to accommodate each businesses wishes, we cannot guarantee Chamber/City participation for weekend ribbon cuttings. 

What do we do?

Because your ribbon cutting is your event, there are no set rules. While the Chamber will promote your event as described above, we strongly encourage you to conduct your own PR campaign to increase the attendance and awareness of your business’s opening. You should also consider inviting your business partners, financiers, contractors, employees, customers, friends, and family to be with you to celebrate this momentous occasion in your business’s history. Please understand that you should not rely solely on the Chamber to attract your audience.The Chamber cannot guarantee the number of guests in attendance. 

Logistical Items to Consider & Communicate to the Chamber Office:

  • Determine who will cut the ribbon. The owners or top executives most frequently do the honors, but each business is different and can pick whomever they like.
  • Who will be in the photo(s). Some businesses will take multiple photos with various groups of people before actually cutting the ribbon. Photos might include employees, family, Chamber members, business partners, and Ambassadors for example.
  • Your remarks or speech (if you wish to speak). This is usually done just after the ribbon is cut.
  • Determine where the ribbon cutting will take place

Optional Ideas to Consider-Optional

  • Invite everyone you know! You can do this via social media, announcing at Chamber events, email, text, etc. Invite your family, friends, past, current and potential customers, business associates (including your accountant, banker, and property owner,) suppliers, your employees, the media, neighboring businesses, and government officials.
  • Consider having giveaways, especially logo items that guests can take back to their offices. The Chamber is happy to provide you with members who can help you create gifts.
  • Food and beverage is not required, but for open house events, it makes a nice touch. The Chamber is happy to provide you with members who can help you with catering.
  • Prepare a quick speech and be sure to have plenty of brochures available.


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