Please use this email as a guide for sending information to your neighbors about your scheduled Maple Food Initiative. This is just a guide. You may need to to include additional information depending on your specific Maple Food delivery.

Dear Neighbors,

We are thrilled to be taking part in a new program.  Maple Food is a community led program encouraging Maplewood residents to support local restaurants during these challenging times.

It’s simple! A Maple Food Ambassador (me) coordinates with local participating restaurants and cafes to have food delivered to neighbors on a designated day. Delivery is free! More information can be found about Maple Food, by clicking here.

Participation is optional of course! The details of our Maple Food Initiative are provided below.  Very Important: Only orders that are placed by the deadline AND include the special coupon code will be delivered on the specified date and time.

Restaurant: Fill in the Restaurant or Café you are pairing with

Delivery Date/Time: Fill in agreed upon date/time set up with restaurant

 Addresses: Fill in the homes that this is being offered

 Deadline to Order: Fill in order deadline that was set up with restaurant

Link to Order: Fill in online order website

Coupon Code: Fill in coupon code provided by restaurant to indicate that this is part of Maple Food Scheduled Delivery

Email me back with any questions!

Thank you,

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