Spotlight on BioFit

Aug 26, 2022 | Member Spotlight

John Zarbock | Founder & CEO
Andrew Burr | Co-Owner & COO
Eric Burr | Managing Partner & CMO
1500 S. Big Bend Blvd. #1N

What services does BioFit provide?

We are a state of the art strength training facility that offers personalized fitness programs aimed at helping our clientele actually achieve RESULTS. BioFit is short for BioHacking Fitness. We cater to everyday, time-conscious professionals, helping them achieve their fitness goals in just one to two, 30-minute sessions per week.

Our process is simple, effective, and evidence based. We offer free demos to anyone curious so that we can dispel any skepticism and show you first-hand how and why our approach works!

Strength training is about more than just improving strength and physique. It’s about enhancing overall quality of life, and furthermore, prolonging life. A safe strength training program increases muscle mass, maintains, and improves bone density, boosts your metabolism and supports weight loss, boosts energy levels and improves mood, and promotes cardiovascular health. It is about feeling better and living longer! Let us show you how easy – and FUN – it can be to be happier and healthier!

Contrary to what the marketing machines in the fitness industry have claimed for so long, achieving results does NOT require an immense commitment of time. Rather, it requires an understanding of how the human body optimizes itself, and a means by which to do so. We provide that platform.

Do you have any upcoming milestones or events?

September 1, 2022 marks the 1-year anniversary of the ribbon cutting ceremony at our 1500 S. Big Bend location in Richmond Heights! Since that date, we have expanded into the space next door (1502 S. Big Bend)… Ribbon Cutting #2 Coming SOON!

What is the most exciting thing to recently happen for your business?

As of January, we took over and expanded into the space next door, which has allowed us to bring more services to our clientele and the community. We now have an in-house massage therapy and esthetician services, yoga, red light therapy, infrared saunas, body composition scanning, and more! The buildout included merging the two commercial spaces (once separate) and has nearly tripled our square footage.

Chamber Talk

What does chamber membership mean for you and your business?

We picked this community for our new fitness studio because we love the location, the community, and the area. The Chamber has been tremendously warm and welcoming since day-one, and the relationships cultivated through Chamber events have resulted in new clientele, partners, and even internships for MRHHS. It’s been a tremendously rewarding experience.

What is your favorite Maplewood or Richmond Heights Chamber business?

We love the rich diversity of small businesses in this community, and we frequent many. This is one of the primary reasons we chose to relocate to this area. We are big fans of the Mauhaus Cat Cafe. One of our owners and his wife run Animal Rescue of Southern Illinois, which dedicates most of its time and resources to fostering and adopting homeless felines.

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