Spotlight on Planet Score Records

Jun 27, 2019 | Member Spotlight






Tim Lohmann & Joe Stulce | co-owners
282-0777 | 7421 Manchester Rd.

Planet Score Records is your Maplewood stop for new and used vinyl records, cd’s, tapes, posters, music related books and DVD’s.

The resurgence in vinyl records is a great thing, as well as new pressing plants sprouting up. We are first and foremost music lovers, so to be around others who share our passion on a daily basis is truly satisfying.

We love it when musicians and bands are passing through St. louis and visit our shop. We’ve become friends with Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices (he let us name our store after one of his songs). Artists that we are fans of have stopped in, like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and indie record label pioneer Calvin Johnson (K Records, Beat Happening). We hosted a book reading/signing with legendary punk drummer, artist and author D.H. Peligro (Dead Kennedys, The Feederz, Red Hot Chili Peppers). Plus, all of the amazing STL talent that frequents our store and bring their records in for us to sell on consignment.

Planet Score’s Records’ passion does not stop on our retail side. Earlier this year we started a record label. Something that we had been wanting to do since before we opened the shop. We put out the first full length LP by local metal heroes Hell Night. We look forward to putting out more music from local artists and being a part of the strong STL musical community.

Celebrate with us in October when we will mark our 4 year anniversary with a few surprises and special sales!

Chamber Talk

Although we are not as active as we would like to, it’s nice to know that the Chamber is there for us. Plus it’s nice to be a part of the wonderful events that the Chamber puts on.

We love all of our fellow Chamber businesses! Especially around the holidays. We can do all of our shopping at the many unique shops, as well as grab a bite at any of the wonderful restaurants.