Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy
Sara Newberry LMT
Owner and Instructor 
3104 Sutton Blvd.


Sole Shine is unique & innovative as we’re one of the few massage therapy businesses in the country that specialize in solely barefoot massage. We strive to normalize barefoot massage as an equally effective massage technique. We are also a training facility where people travel from all over the country to train with Sara Newberry.


We provide an Anatomy focused & results based deep pressure massage by working with gravity and using our feet for a deep but fluid massage. The broadness diffuses the intensity while the stretching increases range of motion.


We want to involve more of the community in our love for Barefoot massage. We are offering a couples massage near Valentines Day and a Thai massage jam every Thursday for $10. The Thai jam is open to everyone and you’ll learn how to effectively touch someone else.


The partner massage class will be a unique spin on the usual ‘dinner and chocolate’ way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This class brings couples together in a sweet and tender way. There’s room to explore an effective way to touch your partner to convey your care & love. Do something different this Valentine’s Day then go have dinner at one our Maplewood restaurants.

Feb 16 4:00 p.m-6:oo p.m. $50/couple. Registration required. Limited space available. Call us today to book!!


Recommending other businesses is what Chamber membership is all about.  I’m a huge fan of the Crow’s Nest. I go there often!