Spotlight on Tale to Table

Oct 20, 2022 | Member Spotlight

Owners | Kate Hannan & Brian Pelletier
7310 Manchester Rd.

Kate & Brian brought the idea that eating is the one thing that everyone does, that every food, condiment, recipe has a story (Tale) and that knowing the stories behind the food we eat will help us eat and cook better and enjoy the good food we’re eating.

Summation of Business:

Tale to Table brings specialty curated food items to our customers. Our shop also plays host to classes and tastings. Gathering people together for these experiences helps them “raise their game” of eating and cooking better food. Our current class schedule can be found at

Describe any upcoming events, promotions, or anniversaries for your business:

We will have our 3rd anniversary of opening the doors on February 15th 2023. Yes, our grand opening was lockdown weekend March of 2020. We are excited that we have been able to pivot to the changing environment and continue to share our love for good food with customers.

What is the most exciting thing to recently happen for your business?

The pandemic taught people a lot about food and eating. From the early days of baking sourdough bread, to supply chain issues, to enjoying curbside ordering, to cautiously going out to enjoy restaurants again. Right now we are excited to head back to “situation normal” with shopping, dining and gathering, while having a better understanding of where our food comes from.

Chamber Talk

What does chamber membership mean for you and your business?

We appreciate that The Chamber hosts so many events that support and promote the Mid County Community along with opportunities for the chamber members to gather, talk and stay connected.

What is your favorite Maplewood or Richmond Heights Chamber business?

Our favorite businesses are the ones that really value the community we all share. They see the power in working together and helping each other, and they understand how much more we can accomplish when we work together.