Spotlight on Title Boxing Club

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Member Spotlight

Title Boxing Club offers boxing and kickboxing fitness classes. Our classes are fit for every age, ability and fitness level. The classes are full-body workouts, motivating and FUN!
2020 has been crazy! Navigating the complexities of operating in the midst of a pandemic is something you cannot plan for. As disastrous as it has been on all fronts, it has forced us to sharpen up. We are executing at the highest level we ever have, because we HAVE to.

We just celebrated out 1st year in Maplewood and out 8th year of operations and its due in part to our amazing team.

Speaking of 2020 pivots, we also have the option to workout outside for all of our classes if the weather permits and a robust digital catalogue for those that want to stay at home.

Curious about our fitness classes? The first class at Title Boxing Club is always free!

Chamber Talk

Our chamber membership means a great deal. Maplewood has accepted us with open arms from day one. I believe it is the most vibrant municipality in St. Louis. It is also a great cultural fit, I love how open minded and diverse it is. It was providential that we would end up here.

We love the Chamber businesses that we get to connect with also frequent. You can start your day off at Foundation Ground and then the possibilities are endless.