Toberman Wealth
Founder:  Craig Toberman

Contact Information
1741 S. Big Bend
St. Louis, MO 63117

In a nutshell, what and who is Toberman Wealth?

Toberman Wealth is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor in St. Louis providing retirement planning advice and fiduciary investment management. At Toberman Wealth, we believe in comprehensive financial planning that helps families achieve their goals. Our firm is a family business, and we treat our clients as part of our extended family. From our family to yours, let’s create a plan to grow your wealth and bring your family closer in the process. 

Craig Toberman is the Founder of Toberman Wealth in St. Louis. He assists families and businesses with strategic financial planning and long-term wealth management. He has over a decade of experience in financial services and has crafted custom financial plans for hundreds of families and businesses.

Toberman Wealth serves families as a fee-only, independent, and fiduciary financial advisor. Craig never receives commissions or sells any investment products or insurance. The client’s fee is the firm’s only source of revenue. Because he designed the firm from the ground up, Craig’s clients enjoy a transparent and sales-free financial planning experience.

Tell us more about the book you’ve been working on?

I am writing an e-book to be released in 2023 focused on business owner succession planning – especially around long-term strategic planning within family businesses. The book will be broken into 5 sections, with each section representing a year of a 5-year plan for a successful ownership transition within a family business.

What do you want new or potential clients to know about Toberman Wealth?

I opened my office in Richmond Heights in 2021. People appreciate the “skin in the game” I exhibit by naming the company Toberman Wealth. The company is independently registered and structured in a way that I am not affiliated with any broker-dealer or have the ability to receive commissions or third-party compensation of any kind.

Clients appreciate that I will always be their main point of contact and that advisor turnover is not a concern.

Throughout my career, I’ve been drawn to serving hardworking, honest families, like the one I grew up with and the one I’m building now.

Family business is in my blood. Growing up in Southern Illinois, I witnessed, first-hand, the strength of small businesses. For a long while, I helped out at a country grain elevator owned by my parents and worked closely with the farmers who grew and harvested grain.

It was challenging but gratifying work and did its part to shape me into the person I’ve become and the mission that drives my business: Helping retirees and family business owners steward their net worth while ensuring harmony among family members through disciplined financial, estate, tax, and succession planning.

I founded Toberman Wealth, a financial advisory firm, to ensure money never comes between loved ones – especially those within a family business.

What does chamber membership mean for you and your business?

I believe in being a steward to my community and helping others. Thanks in large part to local chambers, Family businesses do wonders for the economy. In this case, the numbers speak for themselves:

-Family-owned companies comprise 64% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

-They also have a hand in job creation—78% of new jobs come from family businesses.

-Family businesses generate 62% of the country’s total employment.

What is your favorite Maplewood or Richmond Heights Chamber business?

Schlafly Bottleworks