Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Taste of Maplewood Street Festival! The Taste of Maplewood is a culmination of  Maplewood and Richmond Height’s most renowned restaurants, beloved boutiques, and unique specialty stores.

Since the event’s inception in 2009, we have been committed to preserving the integrity of the event and the spirit of the Chamber, by limiting vendor opportunities to local businesses in Maplewood and Richmond Heights, and membes of the Chamber. While we appreciate the interest and inquiries of businesses outside our boundaries who wish to participate, we are dedicated to serving and promoting our local businesses and Chamber Members through this event platform.

2022 Quick Notes for Vendors

Event will be held over two days  (Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21)

Event is held rain or shine

Event will return to it’s traditional location on Sutton Blvd, South of Manchester

There is no extra fee to participate in both days

Vendor fees are structured different than in prior years (Scroll down for details) 

Participation Criteria

Participation as a vendor requires that businesses meet one of the following criteria:

Member of the Mid County Chamber of Commerce-Join Now
Hold a business license in the City of Maplewood or City of Richmond Heights.


All vendors must operate under a 10 X 10 foot tent. Tents can be rented through the Chamber or vendors may bring their own.

All tents must be weighted appropriately with standard tent weights. If a tent is rented through the Chamber, it will be set-up/weighted for you. Vendor tents not weighted adequately will not be allowed to open until secured. 

Unless special permission is granted, vendors may not sell: Beer, Wine, Soda, Water

Only businesses who have an existing liquor license may apply to sell liquor at the event. These businesses must secure a Temporary Caterer’s Permit through the State of Missouri to serve/sell alcohol at the event.

Businesses selling alcohol are limited to ONE signature cocktail.

Businesses selling food or drinks must secure a Temporary Food Establishment Permit through the St. Louis County Health Department.

Vendor Fees

Vendor fees vary between Profit Vs. Non-Profit businesses and Chamber Member Vs. Non-Chamber Member. Also, a discount (ERD) is offered to vendors who register and pay early by April 15th. Contact the Chamber Office if you are unsure which fee you should pay. Early Registration Discount (ERD) ends on April 15th. Vendor fees include participation in both dates.

Fee for participating in the event

For Profit Business

Member Fee
$275 (ERD)
$310 after 4/15

Non Member Fee
$350 (ERD)
$400 after 4/15

Non-Profit (Selling Items)

Member Fee
$200 (ERD)
$225 after 4/15

Non Member Fee
$275 (ERD)
$300 after 4/15

Non-Profit (Info Only)

Member Fee
$125 (ERD)
$150 after 4/15

Non Member Fee
$175 (ERD)
$200 after 4/15

All vendors must have a 10 X 10 tent (and weights) to operate at the event. However, vendors have the option of renting through the Chamber or bringing their own. The cost of tents and tables are direct costs from the tent company.

Tent/Table- $135

Fee includes a 10X10 tent, weights, and 8 foot table. Also includes labor to set-up and breakdown tent.


This fee includes access to one 110 V, 20 amp circuit. Additional outlets are $15 each.

Vendor Registration- Step By Step

Use the following step-by-step process to ensure you are properly registered to participate in the Taste of Maplewood Street Festival. The steps below are designed to inform businesses on the various permits required, but may be secured in any order.

The early registration discount (ERD) applies to registrations and payments received on or before April 15. The deadline to register for the Taste of Maplewood Street Festival is Friday, May 6 at Noon.

Step 1: Are you selling food or alcohol?

YES Go to step 2

NO Skip to Step 4

Step 2: Are you selling food?

YES Click here to access a Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application. Complete and return as directed. More info on process/permit.

NO Skip to Step 3

Step 3: Are you selling alcohol?  * Businesses requiring a caterers permit (to sell alcohol) need to be a registered vendor of the event prior to applying for the permit.

YES Click here to access Application for Temporary Caterers Permit. *Complete and return as directed.

NO  Skip to Step 4

Step 4: Register/Pay Online

A) Complete the Vendor Terms and Understanding Form –Complete the Vendor Understanding Form 
B) Upon hitting “Submit” on the form, you will be provided a link to register/Pay Online. You must complete the Terms & Understanding Agreement Form before officially registering.

Step 5: Attend the Vendor Info Meeting which will be held on May 4th at 2:00 p.m. on The Crow’s Nest Patio. It is highly encouraged that all Food and Drink Vendors attend the meeting, though, it only required for first time participants. It is optional for retail and community group vendors.